KeraBlack® Plus is our most popular glass-ceramic cooking panel with more than 80 million in use worldwide. Renowned for its deep-black color and classically elegant appearance, KeraBlack Plus is highly versatile, offering a wide selection of enamel and ink colors, including chromes and metallics. A KeraBlack Plus cooking hob can be deeply dramatic or understated in appearance – and always high-powered in terms of performance. Its Advanced Cooking Surface can withstand temperatures up to 700° Celsius without expanding, contracting or breaking under the stress of thermal shock. A tough crystal structure and smooth surface
 ensure that the cooking surface is scratch- and stain-resistant.

A glass-ceramic surface that suits all cooking methods, KeraBlack Plus is exceptionally efficient at transmitting heat for quick and consistent cooking. It is also designed and tested to ensure fast, easy and safe cleaning. The KeraBlack Plus advanced cooking surface is manufactured without aresenic or antimony metals, and is recyclable.

Heat Source


Display Colors

red/orangemonochromaticno displayany color including whiteno displayno displayno displayno display
Our most popular surface
Deep black glass-ceramic substrate showing red LEDs
Wide array of enamel colors, including inferential and reflective inks
Timeless versatility with classic elegance

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