Create and Connect

The true beauty of cooktop design lies in its power to connect – cooking brings people together. Something as simple as making an omelet can nurture family ties, as well as the artist within. At EuroKera, we reach out to our valued customers worldwide, working with them to develop ingenious new glass-ceramic cooking surfaces for stove tops. These cooktop design innovations can inspire people to make meaningful connections, every day.


What’s New, Exclusive and Coming Soon

  • Versâtis™ : Reimagine the kitchen with EuroKera’s ingenious new seamless glass-ceramic counter top. This sleek and unique surface is every designer’s dream. Switching between cooktop and counter top at the touch of a button transforms the connected kitchen of today.
  • A KeraSlate™ cooking surface can set any cooktop apart from the competition. No other manufacturer offers this exclusive, one-of-a-kind glass ceramic color for cooktop designs.
  • Shadow Black, Cast Iron, Royal Gold, and Copper – our new enamel colors for cooktop décor reflect the trend toward rich and natural kitchen luxe.
  • KeraResin® UltraBlack – coming soon.
  • New and exclusive to EuroKera: chrome decorations, KeraVision® and KeraSpectrum® glass-ceramic cooking surfaces, smooth underside (no pebbles on the back of the glass-ceramic panels).


Stove tops take on a new form in the modern EuroKera kitchen.
Versâtis™ by EuroKera revolutionizes the kitchen space with a new, elegant, and interactive countertop surface.
Stove tops, also called cooking hobs, get a stunning makeover in this EuroKera kitchen example.
The stunning combination of a seamless surface and a cooking hob elevates the kitchen experience.
KeraVision® by EuroKera shows subtle elegance with a blue LED display
EuroKera decorative enamels offer unlimited cooktop design possibilities
A stove top designed with KeraResin by EuroKera.
Sparkling Chrome enamel on KeraResin® Champagne adds a modern note.
KeraSlate stove tops by EuroKera, shown here for induction cooking
KeraSlate™ by EuroKera stands apart for its exclusive and distinctive features