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A dedicated team of experts at your service

When ordering a premium product, you expect to receive the VIP customer service that goes with it. We get that.

EuroKera is the worldwide reference for glass-ceramic since 1990. Whatever the solution, we take pride in delivering the best product quality followed by the most outstanding customer service. No matter what.

When choosing Versâtis™, you receive the expertise of a dedicated and customer-focused team to answer your questions and your clients’. Their long experience at EuroKera, Saint-Gobain and Corning is the source of a product that meets all your needs.

A New Meaning Of “Luxury”

At EuroKera, we love seeing the impact of our solutions on people’s daily lives around the world. Not just the manufacturing process, the sales rush, the customer service satisfaction rate, but something that goes way beyond all that: the often shared joy and socialization that happens around our products. People gather around our cooking surfaces and fireplace windows to cook, to warm up, to socialize and enjoy the good things in life.

In addition to this passion for the inner-value of our products, we saw the rise of three trends.

First, new technologies and connected appliances are not going away. They will be more and more a part of our kitchen routine.

Second, people of all ages and cultures love to gather in the kitchen to “re-connect” and have tangible interactions with one another partially away from the digital world and their fast-paced lives.
Third, integration and sleek lines are “en vogue” for the high-end and premium kitchens.

So we thought: “Why not create a significantly larger expanse of premium glass-ceramic, so large that it would replace the whole traditional countertop and allow for all sorts of new technologies including a cooking system?”. The idea of Versâtis™ was born.

Versâtis™ by EuroKera is a vast expanse of innovative material (glass-ceramic) without any seam, offering the purest and most pleasing visual while integrating numerous of the latest kitchen technologies with more possibilities yet to discover. A signature vision of the premium kitchen experience and design.

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