The world has changed


I was just thinking that this time, less than four months ago, I was preparing for the holidays and routinely winding down the year of 2019. Life was normal with schedules and “to do list” with conference calls, meetings and a smattering of travel. My personal thoughts were of vacations or social get-together s where laughter and fun would make my weekends go by way too fast.

This world, for the moment, has changed. I assume, your world has also. You may have had a totally different normal than I do, but I believe you would agree, now, it’s different. I no more plan my trips and worry if the layover is too short in Atlanta for me to connect flights or if I will have to wait for my room to be cleaned before I can check in. Now I video conference with co-workers that are sitting in the next office and constantly washing my hands while I sing the happy birthday song.

You may ask what does this have to do with cook-tops or glass-ceramics. Well, we are all in this together and we are all impacted. We all secretly wonder what the future will bring and will it be the same, better or worse than it was. I don’t know the answer to that question but I do know the world has changed and I believe we can make it better than it was if we are kind, patient and put others ahead of ourselves.

When this is over, and we are no longer sequestered in our homes 24 hours a day and we can go back out and mingle again, you need to remember one thing that these weeks inside have taught you. “My kitchen needs a new cook-top” I suggest induction myself!

Please stay safe until you can rush to the store or have your new appliance delivered.

In the meantime:

Wash your hands often/ Keep social distancing in mind / Stay home if you can/ Cough into your elbow/ Do not touch your face.

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