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Creation of the Manufacture Royale des Glaces in Paris, France, which would eventually become Saint-Gobain
Founding of Corning Glass Works
Corning and Saint-Gobain form EuroKera
World's largest glass-ceramic melting tank built to support the growth of EuroKera
160+ million cooking surfaces made

We Invented Glass-Ceramic

Our story about EuroKera begins in 1940, when Dr. S. Donald Stookey joined Corning, one of our two parent companies. One of his discoveries was the material family of glass-ceramics, which would later give birth to the Corning cookware products. EuroKera inherited this exclusive knowledge and expertise. Today, we instill it into every surface we make, while working to develop innovative glass-ceramic products for tomorrow.


EuroKera, innovators of glass-ceramic solutions

Founded in 1990 by Saint-Gobain and Corning, EuroKera benefits from the glass expertise of its two parent companies with centuries-old know-how.

Worldwide leader, EuroKera designs and manufactures innovative, sustainable, and high-performance glass-ceramic solutions for cooking and fire applications.

Every year, several million cooking surfaces are produced by EuroKera serving most of the major manufacturers around the world.

EuroKera employs more than 1,000 people worldwide across its five production sites in France, the United States, China and Thailand.

A three Michelin-star French chef as Ambassador

Emblematic Chef with 3 Michelin stars, 5 toques in the Gault-Millau, Arnaud Lallement is EuroKera Ambassador.

EuroKera benefits from Arnaud Lallement’s passion for people, gastronomy and innovation.

Our Manufacturing Process

1 We Begin in France, Cooking Capital of the World

The process of glass-ceramic cooking panels manufacturing starts at our KeraGlass facility located in Bagneaux-sur-Loing, France, about an hour outside of Paris.

Before we can cut and add finishing touches to our cooking panels, we first create the glass from which they are made. After making glass for more than 350 years, we are quite good at it.

2 Melting and Molding

Raw materials, including recycled glass from our own factories, as well as natural sand, are melted into a liquid glass.

The glass is passed between two rollers and cooled to form a sheet. Sheets of the newly formed “green glass” are produced to different specifications depending on the final product they will be used for.

All our “green glass” must pass a quality inspection before being shipped to one of four transformation facilities.

Our manufacturing process for creating “green glass” meets or exceeds safety, industry, and environmental standards at every stage.

3 What is “Green Glass”?

Only glass made with a very specific composition, or “green glass,” can be used to create EuroKera’s glass- ceramic products.

4 Our Global Transformation Facilities

The KeraGlass manufacturing plant ships the French “green glass” to one of four global transformation facilities, where the conversion to glass-ceramic is made and our products are finished.

We strive to uphold our commitment to quality throughout every step of the design, production and delivery process, and work closely with our customers to exceed their expectations.

5 Quality Production Worldwide

To Your Exact Specifications
After an initial quality control inspection the glass is cut and edged to each manufacturer’s specifications.

Beveled edges, openings for integrated features such as knobs or vent hoods, special shapes and similar options are completed at this stage.

6 Finishing Touches

Enamels and finishes are applied and set in panels engineered to resist wear and cooking damage caused by heat, spills, friction and stains.

7 Perfect and Inspect

The “green glass” undergoes a cycled heat treatment called “ceramming” or a controlled crystallization of the glass, to form glass-ceramic.

This process gives the new glass-ceramic material its unique mechanical strength and temperature resistance. Resins may be applied at this point, along with layers for opacity, protection or color control, on the bottom of the panels. Then it’s on to one final inspection, and voila!

EuroKera Worldwide Locations Map

Global Reach

Château-Thierry, France
Bagneaux-sur-Loing, France
Fountain Inn, SC, USA
Guangzhou, China
Rayong, Thailand

Our Mission

We design and manufacture innovative and high-performance glass-ceramic solutions to improve daily life while creating sustainable value.

Our Vision

We support the transformative potential of electric cooking for the benefits it brings to reduce the impact on the planet and safeguard people’s health, safety and well-being.

Our Values

Passion. Ambition. Respect.

Our Environmental Commitment

At EuroKera, we believe that being good stewards of the environment benefits our customers and our employees, as well as our planet. Efficient manufacturing saves energy, while also lowering costs. Safe and healthy workplaces enhance peoples’ wellbeing and productivity. And seeking smarter ways to use resources and reduce waste can lead to product improvements. Maintaining our commitment to people and the environment is a big part of the story about EuroKera, the global glass-ceramic manufacturer.

+ tons of glass recycled yearly within our manufacturing process at KeraGlass.

The first glass-ceramic arsenic-free company in the world for all product lines.


on landfill waste reduction, water conservation and all areas to reduce and reuse.

Our Solutions Are All Around You.

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