EuroKera was born from the expertise, technology, and resources of two of the world’s most respected and prestigious companies: Corning Inc. and Saint-Gobain.

As a result, EuroKera has been supplying appliance manufacturers around the world with quality glass-ceramic cooktops for a variety of appliance applications since 1992.

Our History


 Over 100 million cooktops sold and counting


A Dedicated Team

Javier Fernandez

General Manager, Eurokera

“Our first priority and second priority is customer satisfaction.”

Bertrand Charpentier

Director of Innovation, Marketing and Sales Eurokera

“Eurokera offers more than just innovative cooking surfaces; we offer solutions.”

Jean-Luc Dabouineau

Industrial Director

Bill Mountain

President/ Plant Manager, EuroKera North America

“Our associates are the best—they make all the difference.”

Gilles Grandpierre

Deputy Director General, Keraglass

“Innovation is the key to idea realization.”

Florent Parisot

Director General Eurokera Asia

Dawn Scott

Global Talent Manager/ V.P. Human Resources

“Talent takes you only so far, it is passion that takes you the rest of the way.“

Pablo Vilato

Research and Development Manager

Jacques Henquinet

Plant Manager EuroKera Europe

Franck Demol

Specialties Business Manager

Laurent Fernet


Our Philosophy

Our Vision

EuroKera is committed to being the first choice of our customers, associates, and shareholders.

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with the best value, service, quality and product innovation

  • To provide our associates with challenges and opportunities for growth in a safe, clean and friendly working environment

  • To provide our shareholders with a profitable and growing business

  • To provide our vendors with an environment to achieve common goals

Our Values


Our environment | Our customers | Each other


Individual commitment (Engagement) | Leadership


Innovation | Quality | Performance

Our Code of Conduct

  • Respect the individual.

  • Accept responsibility for your safety and the safety of others.

  • Follow policies and procedures so that we can achieve our goals.

  • Show pride in your work and in our workplace.

  • Work with a “can do” attitude at all times.

  • Communicate openly and with courtesy across all levels.

  • Share the knowledge of the wins and the losses; share the work.

Environmental Commitment

Our manufacturing process operates with consideration to environmental integrity; it’s one of our priorities. From the beginning, EuroKera glass-ceramic plates have been designed to comply with all available standards—or even to pioneer new ones. KeraGlass, our melting factory, has been ISO 14000 certified since 2000.

Our glass-ceramic is also fully recyclable. It is used to help in the melting process, thus reducing energy consumption. For instance, EuroKera North America recycles up to 2,000 tons of glass per year, and has also achieved an 80% reduction in landfill waste since 2010. Our staff also participates in Adopt-a-Highway to help keep our communities free from litter.