Distinctive looks in gas and induction cooktops start with KeraResin® glass-ceramic reference cooking panels. Choose from transparent and smooth glass-ceramic to create any number of imaginative display effects. Select from a range of enamel colors for the top surface. Only KeraResin gives you the added dimension of a layer of resin, in a choice of colors, including Champagne, Slate Grey, Silver, Anthracite, and Ultra Black.

KeraResin cooking panels are made according to the highest mechanical and thermal standards, and tested to meet or exceed industry requirements. Stable, durable and extremely heat resistant, EuroKera’s glass-ceramic material is formulated to stand up to even the most challenging cooking demands – and look beautiful in the process.

All of EuroKera’s cooking surfaces are 100% recyclable.

Heat Source


Display Colors

red/orangemonochromaticno displayany color including whiteno displayno displayno displayno display
Sumptuous colors in transparent glass-ceramic
Transparent glass perfect for LCD screen integration
Enhances the distinctive look of induction appliances
Wide selection of colors in top-surface enamel

Design Gallery Inspiration

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