Our logo, pledge of elegance and performance

How do you find a cooktop made with beautiful and extraordinarily durable materials? EuroKera recommends looking in the corners of the glass-ceramic top. No matter the brand of the cooking appliance, if you see one of the logos below, you are looking at a cooking surface made with the finest glass-ceramic by EuroKera. Melted at our facility in the heart of France and polished with care and expertise in one of our four finishing facilities, our products are the “crème de la crème.” Only cooking surfaces made with EuroKera’s glass-ceramic combine exquisite looks and utmost performance. Look for the EuroKera logo, the symbol of quality in cooking hobs.

As we are transitioning to our new logotype, in addition to our new EuroKera logotype, you may still find our previous logotypes.

Every 5 seconds an appliance equipped with Eurokera glass-ceramic is sold somewhere in the world (including nights and week-ends!). What about your cooktop?

We supply appliance manufacturers with the very highest quality and innovative designs in glass-ceramic panels. Cooktop shoppers can instantly see the difference, and the EuroKera logo ensures them that the cooktop will last. For the most elegant, easy, and safe cooking experience, count on EuroKera.

Transparent KeraResin® glass-ceramic cooktop surfaces have a resin underlay.