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Welcome to the website of EUROKERA (the “Website”). By connecting or by using our Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted, without limitation or qualification, the present General Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.


  1. Identity

The publishing company of the Website:

EUROKERA NORTH AMERICA INC. whose headquarters is located 140 Southchase Boulevard, Fountain Inn, SC 29644, USA.

Director of Publication: Mr. Mathias KONNE

Hosting and development of the Website:

DRUM creative whose headquarters is located 35 Cessna Short, Suite C, Greenville, SC 29607, USA.

The companies of the EuroKera Group to which belongs the company publisher of the Website, its subsidiaries held directly or indirectly have their own legal status and have independent legal entity. However, on this Website the terms “Company”, “us” or “we” are used to designate the company publisher of the Website, or its subsidiaries owned directly or indirectly.


  1. Information on the Activities

The company has put online this Website in order to present you its activities and to provide you with information and recommendations related to its activities or to your centers of interest. The Company may change the information contained in this Website regarding its activities, at any time and without notice. These pieces of information are provided within the framework of a general information without warranty of relevancy for a specific use.


  1. Intellectual Property


All the information or documents (texts, animated or non-animated images, databases, sounds, photos, know-how, products cited) contained in the Website as well as all elements created for the Website and its general structure, are either the property of the Company or its subsidiaries owned directly or indirectly, either are the subject of copy rights, reproduction and representation rights made to benefit of the latter. These information, documents or items are subject to copyright laws as soon as they are made available to the public on this Website. No license, nor any right other than the right to consult the Website, is granted to any person in respect of intellectual property rights. The reproduction of documents of the Website is authorized for the exclusive purposes of information for personal and private use: any reproduction and any use of copies made for other purposes is expressly prohibited and subject to the express authorization of the company. In all cases, the authorized reproduction of the information contained in this Website must indicate the source and reference the adequate property information.

3.b. Distinctive signs

Unless otherwise mentioned, names, logos, products and trademarks mentioned in this Website are the property of the company. They may not be used without the prior written permission of the company.

3.c. Databases. 

The possible databases available to you are the property of the company that has the quality of producer of databases. You are prohibited to extract or reuse a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of databases including for private purposes.


  1. User Commitment


Each visitor of the Website that provides information consents to the company the entirety of the transferable rights relating to this information and authorizes the Company to make use of it. The information thus provided by the visitors will be considered non-confidential. However, when the information provided are personal data, we commit ourselves to treat such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy applicable to this Website.


Each visitor of the Website also declares to comply with the present general Terms of Use and laws in force, in particular:

  • Have the competence and the necessary means to access and use the Website;
  • Having verified that the computer configuration used contains no viruses and that it is in perfect state of operation;
  • Consent to the Company and its partners where appropriate the right to make any use of the information provided (other than of personal data);
  • Must keep confidential and consequently be responsible of the use and security of access codes and passwords that the company can send you to access certain headings. The Company reserves the right to suspend your access to the Website in the event of fraudulent use or attempted fraudulent use of this access.


  1. Hyperlinks

5.a. Activation of links

The Company expressly disclaims any responsibility for the content of the sites to which it provides links. These links are offered to users of this Website as a service. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of these sites in order to understand their practices. The decision to activate the links belongs exclusively to the users of the Website. The Company may modify or delete a link on our Website at any time.

5.b. Authorization of links

If you want to create a hyperlink to this website, you must obtain the prior written authorization of the company by using the contact information mentioned at the end of this document.


  1. Warnings


The information and recommendations (“Information”) available on this World Wide Web (WWW) server are made available to you in good faith. These pieces of information are supposed to be correct at the time you are made aware. However, the Company does not guarantee the completeness and the accuracy of such information. You fully assume the risks related to the credit that you grant them.

These information are made available to you on the condition that you or any other person who receive can determine their interest for a specific objective before use. In no case, the Company will be responsible for damages that may arise as a result of the credit granted to these pieces of information, their use or the use of a product to which they refer.

These pieces of information should not be considered as recommendations for the use of information, products, procedures, equipment or formulations which would be in contradiction with a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark. The Company disclaims any responsibility or liability, expressed or implied, if the use of these information came to contravene a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark.

The Company (the publisher of the site and any subsidiary owned directly or indirectly) categorically rejects any interpretation which would aim to assimilate the content of its Websites to bids or incentives to acquire market shares or other securities, whether listed or unlisted of the EUROKERA Group, of one or the other of its direct or indirect subsidiaries.

No warranty, expressed or implied, is given as to the market nature of the information provided, nor with regard to their suitability for a specific purpose, as well as with regard to the products to which reference is made in these pieces of information.

In no case, the Company commits to update or correct the information which will be broadcasted on the Internet or on their web servers. Similarly, the Company reserves the right to modify or correct the content of its sites at any time without notice.


The Company does not guarantee, without this list being exhaustive, that the Website operates without interruption and that the servers that provide access to and/or third-party sites for which appear hyperlinks, do not contain viruses.


  1. Updates to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and applicable law

The company may proceed with the update of these Terms of Use at any time. Accordingly, you are invited to refer regularly to the latest terms of use in force. These Terms of Use are subject to French law and fall within the jurisdiction of the French courts.


  1. Contact Information

For any question relating to the Terms of Use of the Website, please contact us by e-mail:


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