EuroKera glass-ceramic.
Transform the soul of your home.


COMING SOON: Versâtis™ by EuroKera

Versâtis™ is a sleek, large and durable entertainment surface. This exclusive and smart expanse of glass-ceramic seamlessly integrates many functionalities including cooking. Its pure design makes of Versâtis™ a show piece at the heart of the modern home.

Today’s Kitchen Truly is The Heart of The Home

Javier Fernandez, CEO

Lively conversation, simmering stew, a toast to good health – when family and friends gather to prepare and share meals, the kitchen itself becomes a memorable experience. Our glass-ceramic cooking surfaces help set the mood, with an elegance formed in the soul of France. We invite you to experience the timeless beauty and solid performance of a cooktop made with EuroKera glass-ceramic, the luxury choice for today's kitchens.

Javier Fernandez, CEO




Global Leader in Glass-Ceramic Manufacturing

We Cooked Up Something Special

When Saint-Gobain and Corning, Inc., joined forces as EuroKera, we took the potential for new expressions in cooktop design and manufacturing to a world-class level. Combining a rich visual aesthetic, superior materials and technical expertise, EuroKera gives cooktop manufacturers exactly what they want – virtually unlimited capabilities for creating sophisticated but tough glass-ceramic cooktop appliances.

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