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EuroKera was born in 1990 at the heart of France and founded by two of the most prestigious manufacturing companies in the world: Saint-Gobain and Corning Inc. Benefiting from their centuries-old and unequaled resources, we deliver premium materials ensuring top quality and outstanding customer service.

At EuroKera, we work hard every day to provide the best solutions for cooking, fireplaces, and all other relevant applications. We constantly innovate and collaborate with our clients to make the boldest and most elegant designs a reality. The collaboration between our experts and our customers is crucial to us. It is by working together closely that we all succeed and create masterpieces.

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EuroKera’s solutions are present all around us in our daily lives, even where you don’t expect them to be. EuroKera’s glass ceramic is an advanced material that can take several forms and aspects. From sleek cooking surfaces to warm fireplaces, from vast cutting-edge countertops with astonishing integration capabilities to the most durable and accurate cooking stations for the best chefs, from the most modern and comfy homes to the equipment of a piece of machinery. You have a project integrating glass-ceramic, and EuroKera has a solution.

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