KeraVision® maximizes the impact of black with vivid accents – crisp, monochromatic LED colors, a vast selection of enamel and ink colors – even a capacity for LCD screens. All of the elements that make EuroKera cooking panels the industry’s best are found in KeraVision, as well. Strong and durable, KeraVision cooking panels are made to meet or exceed safety, environmental and performance standards. They stand up to heat, spills and friction beautifully, and maintaining the glass-ceramic and enamel finish could not be simpler. Choose gas, radiant or induction cooking – KeraVision is the vibrant choice.

Heat Source


Display Colors

red/orangemonochromaticno displayany color including whiteno displayno displayno displayno display
Midnight-black surface
Sharp LED color display in all monochromatic LED colors
Inspired shades of enamel, including metallics, and reflective inks

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