Elegant, impeccable and exclusive to EuroKera, the one-of-a-kind grey in KeraSlate™ glass-ceramic cooking panels embodies a French aesthetic. The new shade offers a continental-contemporary alternative to ordinary glass-ceramic. A wide range of choices in enamels and inks allow KeraSlate to take on multiple personalities, too.

What doesn’t change is the quality: KeraSlate cooking surfaces are designed for the rigors of induction and gas cooking, capable of standing up to high temperatures and rapid cooling and heating without cracking, breaking or losing their luster. They also resist stains and scratches, are easy to clean and safe to use (also made without the use of arsenic or antimony metals). Calm and sophisticated grey on the surface, KeraSlate performs when the heat is on.

Heat Source


Display Colors

red/orangemonochromaticno displayany color including whiteno displayno displayno displayno display
Captures French style in grey glass-ceramic
Delivers high performance in gas or induction cooktops
Coordinates with trending decor themes

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