KeraWhite® TC elevates the pure-white glass-ceramic cooktop surface with the addition of LED Touch Control lighting. The clean display coordinates with the trend towards sleek and uncluttered kitchen decor, and makes cooking (and cleanup) simpler by replacing the knobs and dials. KeraWhite TC cooking panels are available in three decorator shades of white glass-ceramic, from snowy white to subtle tones of Pistachio and Grey.

Superior to other cooktop materials, EuroKera glass-ceramic provides exceptional performance under high heat conditions and abrupt temperature changes. It’s safe and simple to clean, too. KeraWhite® TC glass-ceramic cooking panels can be used in gas, induction and radiant heating applications.

Heat Source


Display Colors

red/orangemonochromaticno displayany color including whiteno displayno displayno displayno display
Select from trending top-enamel colors
Intuitive Touch Control technology
Choose from 3 shades of white glass-ceramic

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