Our 3 Takeaways from The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2019 Edition


“The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design. With the expansive show floor filled with the freshest designs from over 600 leading brands, it is a one-stop shop providing attendees and exhibitors the ultimate destination to network, exchange ideas and build their businesses.” This is the official description of the KBIS on their “About” webpage and the 2019 edition lived up to the expectations.

The exhibition took place in the marvelous Las Vegas Convention Center and gathered, among other sectors, all of the leading cooking appliance brands of the North American region. As the glass-ceramic supplier of choice of many of these appliance manufacturers, we simply could not miss the most important event for the North American cooking market.

Our team has been attending the event for several years and this year seemed the biggest and busiest yet. Based off our experience and expertise, here are our 3 major takeaways from the KBIS 2019:


  1. The rise of induction cooking

While the North American electric cooking market is still mainly composed of radiant units, induction seems to be the cooking method on the rise. Bold designs, innovative controls and accessories were paired with the growing number of induction cooktops showcased at the KBIS this year. Induction has a lot of features to seduce the North American consumer: beautiful sleek look, easy cleaning, fastest and safest cooking method, best energy efficiency, latest and most innovative way to cook, high potential for IoT, etc. The main competition for induction comes from the gas cooking method which we compared against induction in a previous blog.


Photo Credit: Samsung
  1. Copper and bronze set the tone

Stainless steel is still the dominating color for kitchen appliances, but we saw many examples of copper and bronze tones throughout the show that were extremely pleasing to the eye. This was in both the Kitchen and Bath areas. This finding confirms the trends we already identified in a previous blog regarding design trends for 2019. Earthy and dark or bold colors are the new trends of kitchen designs. Copper and bronze are the perfect accent colors for the 2019 color palette.

  1. Customization

From cabinets to appliances to countertop surfaces, have it your own way was one of the unofficial motto’s of this year’s show. You can combine bronze handles and black knobs if you like or match your counter top surface with your walls. The trend here seems to be an effort from the manufacturers to offer an always-larger variety of options to the consumers, so that they can make each kitchen their very own.


Photo Credit: NKBA

One last thing stood out to us: the passion around food preparation.

Crowds gathered around the celebrity chefs performing their craft on stages set up all throughout the vast exhibition floor. Sure, people would eventually get to taste the savory dishes prepared with extreme talent but there was more to it. In the midst of one of the busiest tradeshows one can walk through, visitors took the time to pause and found themselves mesmerized around an impromptu kitchen (potentially featuring EuroKera’s glass-ceramic at its heart). This proves the point often made by EuroKera: the kitchen is the heart of the home.

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