Hearth Market 2019 Trends: ISH and HPBExpo


The 2019 editions of the ISH and the HPBExpo took place this past week. These two shows are some of the biggest events where to witness new trends for the European and the North American hearth markets. EuroKera, the global leader for glass-ceramic solutions, was present with a booth at both events. Here are the key takeaways from our local teams.


ISH is the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings.


Gas fireplaces are on the rise and looking for differentiators

European consumers are falling more and more in love with the visual appeal of gas fireplaces designs: modern look, advanced features, wide display of flames… This trend is new in Europe, but it has been noticeable on the North American market for already quite some time. Gas fireplaces are gaining market shares promoting their elegant designs and a lot of manufacturers are on the lookout for features that can set them apart from their competitors. EuroKera, through its Keralite® glass-ceramic solutions for fireplaces, offers a wide range of products and several proved to be quite appealing to the crowds of both shows:

The growing success of Keralite® Black Reflection was noticeable among several exhibitors showcasing gas fireplaces with black reflective glass-ceramic on the inside back wall. Reflections’ opaque glass-ceramic for gas fireplaces has several advantages compare to porcelain:

  • Glass-ceramic will not degrade over time
  • Beautiful reflective effect that increases the look of the fire’s flames
  • Ease to clean
  • Offers a premium look and feel
  • Visible differentiator on the market

Keralite® Anti-Reflective coating improves the view of the fire. The glare is reduced thanks to this advanced coating, allowing the user to see the fire in a way that was difficult before. This option is ideal for gas fireplaces focusing on the view of the flames.


Always larger windows and other trends

Extremely wide glass-ceramic fireplace windows is a trend we have been noting for the past couple years specifically regarding linear gas fireplaces. People love to enjoy the beautiful view provided by an extra-wide window onto dazzling and warming flames. This trend was strongly expressed at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt as well as at the HPBExpo of Dallas. Wood burning stoves are also promoting a larger view of the fire thanks to flat or curved glass-ceramic windows. The latter option brings a touch of modernity and style to the stove particularly seen in Europe. Flat printed parts with black frame seem timeless while other process options presented by EuroKera such as holes, notches, and cutouts, also peaked the manufacturers’ interest.

Outdoor fire tables were still prominent at the HPBExpo but they seem to turn away from tempered glass in favor of glass-ceramic. Tempered glass can easily shatter in the event of a thermal shock such as cold rain pouring onto the hot burning table. EuroKera’s glass-ceramic will resist thermal shocks (up to ∆=700˚c) which makes it safe in addition to its high-end look and feel.


The HBPExpo is the largest North American tradeshow for the hearth, patio and barbecue industry gathered the majority of the fireplace manufacturers for its 40th edition.


The 2020 emission standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

This was one of the major discussion topics of the HPBExpo 2019. Although woodstoves and pellet stoves have been regulated since 1988 and 1995, new requirements will take effect in 2020 for both, aiming to increase their thermal efficiency and to reduce their impact on the environment. As of today, fireplaces do not have mandatory emissions requirements but some manufacturers step ahead of the curve and invested in “EPA-qualification”. Promotional signs were visible on several booths indicating of “2020 emissions standards compliant” products, making it a differentiator for the vast offer presented. To learn more about the new standards, click here.



Based on our experience at the ISH and the HPBExpo this year, it seems that the hearth industry is strong and confident about the near future. The search for higher-end materials and options to differentiate their offer is an additional sign of the hearth manufacturers’ good health, and EuroKera’s booth was just the right stop for them to see their needs covered.

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