• Glass-Ceramic for Special Applications

    Innovative Material. Unlimited Potential.

Glass-Ceramic: A Unique Material

EuroKera is the worldwide leading expert for glass-ceramic, a surprisingly capable and unique material with an unlimited application potential. Discovered by Dr. Stookey in the early 50’s who was working then for one our two parent companies (Corning Inc.). Since its creation, EuroKera has not stopped to push further the boundaries of this fantastic material. Unrivaled technical and mechanical properties combined to a distinguished look and feel make of glass-ceramic the ideal material for a long list of applications; from the equipment of shoe manufacturing machines to infrared heaters and highly-technical industrial equipments. Contact our experts at EuroKera to discover if glass-ceramic is the perfect material for your project.

Why Choose Glass-Ceramic?

Extreme Temperature Resistance

It can withstand the highest temperature levels, up to 700ºC (1292ºF) in continuous use. This limit could be tested further.

Low Thermal Expansion

It has a near zero thermal expansion coefficient offering minimal fluctuation under temperature change.

IR & Color Transmission

It presents a high IR and color transmission capacity.

Chemical Resistance

It is non-porous and chemically inert due to its exceptional composition.

High Mechanical Resistance

It can safely sustain severe load conditions.

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