Before we can cut and add finishing touches to our cooktops, we must first create the glass from which they are made. This process starts at our KeraGlass manufacturing facility located in Bagneaux-sur-Loing, France. Our manufacturing process for creating “green glass” meets or exceeds safety, industry, and environmental standards at every stage.

Transformation Facilities


After KeraGlass has produced the glass-ceramic, there is still much work that goes into transforming this “green glass” into our finished products. This happens at four transformation facilities around the world. Our commitment to quality during this process means we continuously strive  to exceed our customers expectations.

Tons of glass recycled by Eurokera annually
Reduction in landfill waste since 2010
Million cooktops sold to date
Transformation facilities across three continents


Château-Thierry, France

North America

Fountain Inn, SC USA


Guangzhou, China
Rayong, Thailand

Melting & Molding

Glass-ceramic is melted in a tank, and then the liquid glass is pressed and cooled between two rollers.

Green Glass

The resulting “green class” is cut into sheets, inspected and sent to our transformation facilities.

Meeting the Specs

After an initial quality control inspection, “green glass” is cut and edged to our manufacturer’s specifications at one of our transformation plants in Château-Thierry , France; Fountain Inn, SC, USA; Guangzhou, China; or Rayong, Thailand.

Finishing Touches

Enamels and finishes are applied and set, engineered to resist wear caused by heat, spills, friction and stains.

Into the Fire

The glass-ceramic then goes through a final heat treatment called ceramming before again being inspected for quality control.