EuroKera wins the Breakthrough Innovation Award 2016

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GE Appliances held its 2016 Presidents’ Council Summit April 26th at Appliance Park in Louisville, KY, where more than 80 of its top suppliers totaling over 160 attendees joined the GE Appliances leadership team. Eurokera North America was awarded the Breakthrough Innovation Award for 2015, in part, for its efforts in the 2015 Café and Monogram cooktop launch.

The Breakthrough Innovation Award recognizes those suppliers who collaborated with GE Appliances to create solutions and innovations that improved product features, productivity, quality or customer service.

Congratulations to the entire EuroKera team, worldwide! Good job!




February And March 2016 Highlight The Hearth Products Of EuroKera

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In the beginning of 2016, the two EuroKera brands dedicated to the hearth market were represented in Europe and in the USA. Two enthusiastic trade shows are featured.

KeraLite® products and latest innovations were shown at “Progetto Fuoco” (Verona, Italy). This event is considered the biggest tradeshow of the world for the woodstove business; it was the fourth time since 2010 that EuroKera was part of the exhibitors through KeraGlass. The large, elegant and inviting booth of EuroKera made a statement among the numerous visitors. Their eyes were captivated by the latest innovations: double-sided decorations, texture-like patterns and more, keeping the promise enunciated by the tagline: “The Only Limit Is Your Imagination”. To help visualize the unlimited capacities of EuroKera’s products a 3D mapping “living room” articulated around a stove was incorporated to the booth, immersing the visitor into several decors.

The Pyroceram® III brand was showcased in March at the HPBA Expo 2016 (New-Orleans, Louisiana). While this event is of smaller size and not only dedicated to the woodstove business, the success of the innovative decorations was tremendous on this side of the ocean as well.

A common and very positive feeling came out from these two tradeshows. With great feedback from our current customers and beneficial meetings with potential clients, these two events started off 2016 in the best way for KeraLite® in Europe and Pyroceram® III in North America.

Click here for more details about KeraLite® or Pyroceram® III.

EuroKera, “Best Of The Best Supplier In Innovation”

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At the end of 2015 Electrolux has held its third Supplier Awards event, recognizing its top direct material suppliers for outstanding performance.

Whether it’s a question of quality, cost, on-time delivery or sustainable practices, the winning suppliers are the best in their respective fields. They are continuously helping us improve, while bringing innovative solutions that will differentiate our offerings. It’s not just about recognizing excellence. By bringing our top suppliers to Stockholm, we strengthen bonds with our suppliers, giving them access to top management and our strategic goals.” says Grégoire LETORT, Chief Purchasing Officer.

Jan BROCKMANN, Chief Operations Officer, agrees and adds: “We see our suppliers as partners, playing a crucial role in innovation. The solutions we jointly created have helped increase our competitiveness. Thanks to this collaboration, we have identified new business ideas and brought value to consumers.

Thirty-nine finalists gathered for the one-day awards event at Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm which featured discussions on innovation and quality, a culinary happening with Electrolux top chefs, plus first-hand experience of the latest products.

EuroKera is very proud to have been recognized as Best of the Best Supplier in Innovation: “This recognition was possible thanks to very dedicated people, a strong team spirit and a nice company structure with two powerful and innovative Shareholders:  Corning and Saint-Gobain” says Javier FERNANDEZ, CEO of EuroKera.

Photo: (left to right) Tiziano TOSCHI, Grégoire LETORT, Maximilian JESSULA, Bertrand CHARPENTIER, Sophie JORAND, Jan BROCKMANN, Javier FERNANDEZ

Celebration Time at EuroKera!

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The end of 2015 was very special for EuroKera, as we celebrated our 25 year anniversary.  We as a whole celebrated, remembered, laughed and appreciated the history of what makes us one united company.

While our two French facilities celebrated 25 years; let’s not forget that our Thai facility celebrated 5, China 10 and North America 20 years of success.

The 25th celebration took place where it all started, in France, with several special guests.  People from our parent companies (Corning and Saint-Gobain) were invited alongside all of our current French associates. We could not have gone over a quarter of a century history without the presence of current and past employees who have been the protagonists of such a success story. Their exceptional testimonials brought our legacy back to life with a passion that has not faded. This celebration was also the rare occasion to have together the all three General Managers of EuroKera: Gérald Fafet who founded the company in 1990, Albert Di Giovanni who lead it from 2008 to 2012, and Javier Fernandez who represents the present and future of EuroKera.

Two on-site celebrations were organized at our Glass factory (KeraGlass) and Transformation facility in Château-Thierry with wonderful organization and recognition of our most valuable resource:  our PEOPLE.

As we observed our past and recognized our legacy in 2015 the future is even more promising. It is best summed up by Javier Fernandez in simple words: “The story is not finished; the best is yet to come.”.

For more information, please read the “25 Years” page.

Fisher & Paykel opens a new factory in Thailand

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The New-Zealander appliance manufacturer has just opened a new production facility in Rayong (Thailand) and as a long time supplier; we had the pleasure to be invited to their opening ceremony.

The story of Fischer & Paykel starts in New-Zealand back in the 1930’s with Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher. At the very start, the company was only importing American refrigerators and washing machines but soon started to manufacture kitchen and laundry appliances. The group is now operating in 50 countries.

EuroKera is proud to be one of Fisher & Paykel’s suppliers. We share their vision of the “Social Kitchen” as we also firmly believe that cooking is a lot more than just the art of processing food: it is about people. We also share their passion for innovation; EuroKera strives to provide Fisher & Paykel the most Advanced Cooking Surfaces™ of the world to enhance the experience they offer to the final customer. Another but new ingredient of this successful business relationship is the geographical proximity. This brand new cooking factory is just a few miles away from our transformation facility in Rayong (EuroKera Thailand). This new Fisher & Paykel factory will produce 100000 cooking appliances a year in addition to the current production of laundry machines, refrigerators and dishwashers on this site. These are 100 000 more reasons to believe in the bright future of this innovative and customer-driven relationship.

We thank Fisher & Paykel for inviting us at the opening ceremony of their new Thai factory and we wish them a lot of success in Thailand, Asia and all over the globe.

From left to right: Jeeranud Atsanachinda (EuroKera), G. Grandpierre (EuroKera), S. Broadhurst (Fisher&Paykel), Gary Paykel(Fisher&Paykel), X. Song (EuroKera), F. Parisot (EuroKera)

EuroKera and Electrolux: an innovative and successful combination at the iF Awards 2015

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AEG MaxiSense Combi is one of the five iF Design Awards 2015 for which Electrolux has been recognized. The iF Design Award was introduced in 1954 and covers industrially manufactured products in the areas of living, work, leisure, and healthcare. This year almost five thousand entries were received from more than sixty countries. Entries were judged by an international jury of more than fifty-three renowned experts.

The MaxiSense Combi by AEG is a new induction hob that gives customers the flexibility to move utensils around the cooking surface and unique split-functionality which allows two different cooking temperatures for the same pan. The overall design is simple and elegant: equipped with a full-touch, color display panel, there are no functional markings, apart from a small on/off button. Electrolux and EuroKera have worked together to develop this glass-ceramic solution in order to achieve the desired design intent.

We, at EuroKera, want to congratulate Electrolux on receiving five iF Awards and are especially proud to have KeraResin® be an innovative solution for AEG new products.

The awarded AEG MaxiSense Combi using KeraResin® by EuroKera

KBIS 2015

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This year the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) was held in Las Vegas (NV) from the January 20th to the 22nd. This exhibition is one of the best occasions to take the pulse of the North American kitchen market.

The overall impression was very positive as a net increase of the attendance has been noticed compared to the recent years; which is even further evidence of the economic recovery. There were lots of excitement over the latest trends, products and technologies for the kitchen, and in particular, for all of the appliances manufacturers who were showing this year. It also appears this stronger economy is offering more latitude for the designers’ and engineers’ creativity. This year, more than ever, kitchens are seen as not just a practical part of a house but an integrated part of a home.

Two things that were very obvious after KBIS 2015: induction cook-tops are growing rapidly, and manufacturers emphasize innovation that matters to the customer.

As info; EuroKera has developed a wide range of innovative glass-ceramic solutions for the kitchen sector with new and innovative products such as KeraVision®, the unique KeraSpectrum®, and the very latest KeraSlate™. These products are the perfect cooking surfaces to help build kitchens that inspires.

Photo: Marshall Hunter and Bill Mountain looking at some of the new induction cook-tops featuring KeraVision® glass- ceramic.

Electrolux holds its second Supplier Awards event

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For the second year in a row, EuroKera is a finalist for the “Electrolux Supplier Innovation Award”! The Supplier Innovation Award recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop new innovative components that make a difference to Group products and for consumers. ” Innovation is the key to our long term strategy,” said Javier Fernandez, General Manager of Eurokera, “so this recognition by  Electrolux as one of their most innovative suppliers is a proud achievement.”

Last year, Eurokera had received two Supplier Excellence Awards by Electrolux. This year, to be recognized by Electrolux as one of the Supplier Innovation finalist’s shows EuroKera’s passion to discover and develop advanced cooking solutions for its customers. Congratulations to all Eurokera Associates.

Pictured Left to Right – Sophie Jorand (Eurokera), Bertrand Charpentier(Eurokera), Mauricio Morales (Electrolux), and Javier Fernandez (Eurokera)

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances Ltd. Supplier Challenge Performance 2014

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EuroKera wins the “Glen Dimplex Home Appliances Ltd. Supplier Challenge Performance 2014”, after just 2 years of supplying cooking surfaces to Glen Dimplex Home Appliances Ltd.!  It seems a successful business relationship has been established for the years ahead. It has been EuroKera’s goal to be the first choice in Advanced Cooking Surfaces™ and to provide its customers with the highest quality products and services. From all of our associates, we are proud to share in Glen Dimplex’s success.