Our story is not finished; it is just the beginning.“, J.Fernandez, GM of EUROKERA.


2015 is a very special year in EuroKera’s history. This is the moment we celebrate our passion of a quarter of a century for glass-ceramic innovative solutions. During this time; our company has grown bigger, stronger and bolder to make cooking an even better experience. Because cooking is all about sharing.

From two sites in France to five worldwide locations; EuroKera has become the world’s reference supplier of advanced cooking surfaces. We are proud of our history and the successes accomplished over the last twenty-five years. That said, we are even more excited and focused on the future.

As EuroKera has brought nations together to design, build and produce the world’s most Advanced Cooking Surfaces™; we have never forgotten our core values: Respect, Passion and Ambition.

Our story is not finished; it is just the beginning.“, J.Fernandez, GM of EUROKERA.


Cooking is an experience perceived by all the senses. Since its establishment in 1990; EuroKera’s appetite for innovations around cooking and all of its joys have continued to grow each year. It is what drives us all.

First glass-ceramic cooktop supplier to introduce a beveled surface on the cooking market: an innovation that still turns heads today. We also developed numerous substrates and more; offering  never-before seen looks and capabilities. These groundbreaking projects have enabled EuroKera’s cooking surfaces to incorporate the most modern technologies such as touch-controls, LCD screens (KeraResin®), polychromatic LEDs (KeraSpectrum®)… Listening to our customers’ needs and anticipating their desires  for 25 years; our glass-ceramic cooking surfaces help with changing cooking into an art.

Whatever the future holds, EuroKera will be the first choice.



Two words perfectly summarize our company and its achievements over the years: Customer Service.

Our conception of customer service is broad. We believe, at EuroKera, that our mission starts with the melting of the glass and continues throughout all of the processes. There is passion and pride in everything we do. Our people from all departments and from all facilities give their best everyday to offer EuroKera’s customers the very finest advanced cooking surfaces.

They are the difference makers. They are the key of EuroKera’s success. Since 1990.