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April 2016

February And March 2016 Highlight The Hearth Products Of EuroKera

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In the beginning of 2016, the two EuroKera brands dedicated to the hearth market were represented in Europe and in the USA. Two enthusiastic trade shows are featured.

KeraLite® products and latest innovations were shown at “Progetto Fuoco” (Verona, Italy). This event is considered the biggest tradeshow of the world for the woodstove business; it was the fourth time since 2010 that EuroKera was part of the exhibitors through KeraGlass. The large, elegant and inviting booth of EuroKera made a statement among the numerous visitors. Their eyes were captivated by the latest innovations: double-sided decorations, texture-like patterns and more, keeping the promise enunciated by the tagline: “The Only Limit Is Your Imagination”. To help visualize the unlimited capacities of EuroKera’s products a 3D mapping “living room” articulated around a stove was incorporated to the booth, immersing the visitor into several decors.

The Pyroceram® III brand was showcased in March at the HPBA Expo 2016 (New-Orleans, Louisiana). While this event is of smaller size and not only dedicated to the woodstove business, the success of the innovative decorations was tremendous on this side of the ocean as well.

A common and very positive feeling came out from these two tradeshows. With great feedback from our current customers and beneficial meetings with potential clients, these two events started off 2016 in the best way for KeraLite® in Europe and Pyroceram® III in North America.

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