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January 2016

EuroKera, “Best Of The Best Supplier In Innovation”

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At the end of 2015 Electrolux has held its third Supplier Awards event, recognizing its top direct material suppliers for outstanding performance.

Whether it’s a question of quality, cost, on-time delivery or sustainable practices, the winning suppliers are the best in their respective fields. They are continuously helping us improve, while bringing innovative solutions that will differentiate our offerings. It’s not just about recognizing excellence. By bringing our top suppliers to Stockholm, we strengthen bonds with our suppliers, giving them access to top management and our strategic goals.” says Grégoire LETORT, Chief Purchasing Officer.

Jan BROCKMANN, Chief Operations Officer, agrees and adds: “We see our suppliers as partners, playing a crucial role in innovation. The solutions we jointly created have helped increase our competitiveness. Thanks to this collaboration, we have identified new business ideas and brought value to consumers.

Thirty-nine finalists gathered for the one-day awards event at Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm which featured discussions on innovation and quality, a culinary happening with Electrolux top chefs, plus first-hand experience of the latest products.

EuroKera is very proud to have been recognized as Best of the Best Supplier in Innovation: “This recognition was possible thanks to very dedicated people, a strong team spirit and a nice company structure with two powerful and innovative Shareholders:  Corning and Saint-Gobain” says Javier FERNANDEZ, CEO of EuroKera.

Photo: (left to right) Tiziano TOSCHI, Grégoire LETORT, Maximilian JESSULA, Bertrand CHARPENTIER, Sophie JORAND, Jan BROCKMANN, Javier FERNANDEZ

Celebration Time at EuroKera!

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The end of 2015 was very special for EuroKera, as we celebrated our 25 year anniversary.  We as a whole celebrated, remembered, laughed and appreciated the history of what makes us one united company.

While our two French facilities celebrated 25 years; let’s not forget that our Thai facility celebrated 5, China 10 and North America 20 years of success.

The 25th celebration took place where it all started, in France, with several special guests.  People from our parent companies (Corning and Saint-Gobain) were invited alongside all of our current French associates. We could not have gone over a quarter of a century history without the presence of current and past employees who have been the protagonists of such a success story. Their exceptional testimonials brought our legacy back to life with a passion that has not faded. This celebration was also the rare occasion to have together the all three General Managers of EuroKera: Gérald Fafet who founded the company in 1990, Albert Di Giovanni who lead it from 2008 to 2012, and Javier Fernandez who represents the present and future of EuroKera.

Two on-site celebrations were organized at our Glass factory (KeraGlass) and Transformation facility in Château-Thierry with wonderful organization and recognition of our most valuable resource:  our PEOPLE.

As we observed our past and recognized our legacy in 2015 the future is even more promising. It is best summed up by Javier Fernandez in simple words: “The story is not finished; the best is yet to come.”.

For more information, please read the “25 Years” page.